Various attachments are available for our high clearance tractors.
The attachments are categorized for you below.


The for our high clearance tractor suitable sprayerers are available in different sizes.

Our smallest sprayers has a tank capacity of 400 liters, the biggest one is able to carry 1.000 liters of liquid. Furthermore two other tank sizes of 600 and 800 liters are available.

The sprayers can be provided with a lot of attachments, see the complete overview here.


Row fertilizers

We are well aware of the fact that fertilizing is one of the most important jobs which have to be done to make the growing process more easy and effective. Our row fertilizers are available in various types to make working with it as comfortable and common as possible in all possible circumstances and for all users.

The most common types are listed below.


Base pruning and harvesting

Base pruning and harvesting cannot be seen seperately, because of that we produce a machine which combines the best of both. Switching from one mode to the other is not difficult, basically you just have to switch between the pruning unit and sawing unit. This is fairly easy. These machines are suitable for both working continuous or selective.

Investing in a good base-pruner and harvester is a good idea. Especially when you think about the time you save and about the fact this machine prevents you from backaches. You do not longer need to carry your chain saw in the field to harvest your Christmas trees anymore.


Mechanical weed control

Mechanical weed control is becoming more and more important during the process of growing trees and plants. Not at least due to the number of allowed chemicals which is getting lower and lower.

A number of standard solutions are available for our high clearance tractors as well. Of course there are a lot of other machines available for doing mechanical weed control, do not hesitate to ask for the possibilities.


Undercutting & Harvesting

Our assortment is currently containing two attachments for undercutting and harvesting. The first attachment is suitable for undercutting and has the possibility to loosen the trees a bit by using so-called lifting tines, so you can easily harvest the trees by hand. The second machine is a tree harvester, this machine is provided with a shaking blade. While shaking the trees are harvested and can be simply collected by another worker.


Form cutting machine

Our form cutting machines are suitable for the below displayed ways of form cutting. The machine
can be provided with different lengths of cutting bars.

Beside of the availability for high clearance tractors our form cutting machines are also suitable for mounting to other machines.